What is the International Court Of Justice?

The International Court of Justice is the principal judicial organ for the United Nations. It was created in 1945. The purpose of this court is to settle disputes.

How does the ICJ work?

There are fifteen judges, four advocates, two presidents, and one registrar. Each country gets an equal pair of advocates. Advocates call on witnesses and evidence during the trial. The judge must take all of this into consideration. The judge will vote either against or in favor of an applicant. A tie will cause the ICJ president to rule with a vote.

What should advocates due before court?

Advocates have to create a memorandum to prove their point of view for their country. This memorandum should include all events and issues to demonstrate what has occurred between both countries. Statement of facts, statement of the applicable law, and information to support the country’s claim in the form the advocates should follow. Additionally, advocates need to have stipulations to offer to the president.

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