What is ICJ in MUN?

What is the International Court Of Justice? The International Court of Justice is the principal judicial organ for the United Nations. It was created in 1945. The purpose of this court is to settle disputes. How does the ICJ work? There are fifteen judges, four advocates, two presidents, and one registrar. Each country gets an […]

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How to open up a crisis committee?

Here is a list of resources on how to open a MUN crisis committee: Five Steps for Starting a Crisis Committee – The Crisis Handbook v1.2 (By Gabriel Borger) – Helpful videos about the MUn crisis committee:

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What is the General speaker’s list? After the initial roll-call has been taken, the committee goes into the General speaker’s list (GSL). The General Speakers’ List (GSL) is a crucial part of any MUN conference, as it helps to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to partake in the debates and discussions in the


What is a position paper in MUN?

A position paper is a statement of a country’s position on a particular international issue. It is a research document that outlines a country’s stance on a particular topic and provides arguments and evidence to support that stance. Position papers are written for all topics debated in MUN and can be used as tools for

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