GSL Speech For MUN

Writing a perfect MUN GSL Speech is a skill set you will learn over time. There are a few different ways you can approach writing your Model UN GSL speech that we will talk about in this guide.

Think about breaking your GSL speech into 3 parts:

  • Hook – Grab the attention of your fellow delegates in the committee
  • Point – Get your policy across that you may want to see in the draft resolution
  • Call to Action – Mention Action step based on your hook and point This is simple yet effective time

Make sure you are on the General Speakers List (GSL) as much as possible during the MUN Conference.

It’s not just about having ample speakers tine in GSL rather about bringing your points and ideas across your fellow delegates in the committee and show the Chair you are playing a key role in shaping the debate.

While delivering your GSL Speech:

Remember the importance of Body Language, to matter if your topic is discussing nuclear weapons or human rights, make to have your body language in line with the words you say in your speech.

What is a good way to start a General Speakers List speech in MUN?

Good general tip for a MUN speech is to try to be  be dramatic as well as informative. Remember that you can’t just read what’s written on the page of your speech.

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